Buy a Tiger Certificate

A Tiger Certificate costs € 2.500. By buying a Tiger Certificate you support the 2xT Research Support Program substantially!! Tiger Certificates are numbered and issued in your name. If you want to select your own research project, your contribution will be earmarked for the project of your choice. You will receive annually an update from the research team.

If you want to buy a Tiger Certificate, click here to download the ’Volmacht voor schenking’. Please fill in the form and send it to the Himalayan Tiger Foundation, Corneillelaan 22, 3533 CW in Utrecht.

We are a Public Charity (ANBI in Dutch), so for Dutch citizens private donations are tax deductible. Your donation has to be continued for a period of five consecutive years. For more details see: Link to the Tax Office. You receive up to a maximum of 52% back if you pay your Tiger Certificate over a period of five consecutive years in five tranches of € 500 annually.