Tiger Research Program

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  • Ongoing research

This research is organised and sponsored by the Himalayan Tiger Foundation, in cooperation with the Wageningen University.

Ongoing research subjects:

Grazing Lawns, with Shyam Thapa as PhD candidate in Wageningen. Shyam will defend his thesis in 2023. See also his newsletter on this subject: click here.

Snow Leopards (Mountain Tiger), with Ashok Subedi as PhD candidate in Wageningen. Ashok will defend his thesis in 2024. See also two newsletters on this subject: click here and click here.

  • “Save the Tiger, Save the Grasslands, Save the Water”

A program co-funded by the Himalayan Tiger Foundation.

In total 10 ‘Work packages’:

– Integrated water management under conflicting views
– Landscape stewardship for water and grass management strategies
– Hydrology of the mountainous Karnali catchment under climate and land use changes
– Morpho-dynamics of the Karnali River and erosion of vegetated floodplains
– Long-term interactions between river dynamics, vegetation, groundwater, land-use and animals
– Groundwater dynamics of the Karnali megafan related to grasslands eco-hydrology
– Effects of hydrology on food production and food quality for deer
Tiger prey: bottom-up vs top-down control of deer in Bardiya NP
– Variability in eco-hydrological conditions for grasslands in TAL nature reserves
– Knowledge utilisation

  • New research topics (new initiatives and options)

DNA based tiger research (new initiative)
– Feasibility study of the extension of BNP to accommodate climate change (new initiative)
Human Wildlife Conflict / Human Tiger Co-existence (option)
Rewilding BNP (option)