Who are we?

Boardmembers of the Himalayan Tiger Foundation

Cas de Stoppelaar, Chairman.
MSc Biology (Leiden University), Founder of Summit Trekking (1974), co-founder of Summit Hotel (1978), chairman of both Nepalese companies until 2012. Editor/Staff writer of NRC Handelsblad (1976-2000). Founder/chief editor of Himalaya magazine (1984-2008). Consul General of Nepal to The Netherlands (1996 to date). He has published three books that are situated in Nepal. See also: www.casdestoppelaar.nl www.olifantenpolo.nl www.nepal.nl

Lex Raat, Secretary
PhD Biology (Leiden University). Research staff Naturalis (1975-1978). Fish biologist at the Organisation for the Improvement of Inland Fisheries (1978-2000). Specialised in fisheries management, reintroduction of salmon, welfare of fish. Director of the same (2000-2005). Historian of 18th and 19th century nature study (2005 to date).

Egbert van der Pol, Treasurer
MSc Biology (Leiden University). Consultant for Environment, and Town and Country Planning (1975-1999), for a.o. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Bank (IBRD) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Managing partner Provast, real estate developer (2000-2010). Informal investor (2011 to date): Co-investor in Biocomp Pvt.

Laura Bertola, Member
PhD Biology, Leiden. “I’m interested in how the rapidly developing field of genetics can contribute to the field of conservation biology. During my PhD I applied various techniques to gain insight into the distribution of genetic diversity in the lion. These data provide a rational basis for prioritising populations for conservation efforts, but also give insight into evolutionary drivers which may have contributed to the current genetic make-up. Phylogeographic data can contribute to defining management strategies, both for in situ conservation and for breeding of captive stocks. Currently, I’m working on a new research line on metagenomics, with potential applications ranging from water quality monitoring to diet analysis.”

Fits Spangenberg, Member
Frits was Assistant Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Amsterdam (1976-1982). He is Founder (1984) and former General Manager of Motivaction International. As founder and shareholder he works on research and consultancy projects, involved in interviewing and moderating focus groups and lectures, presentations, workshops to make the outcome of research applicable. Also see: www.fritsspangenberg.com.

Advisory Board of the Himalayan Tiger Foundation Research

Herbert Prins
Biology PhD (Groningen and Cambridge Universities). Professor Resource Ecology at Wageningen University (1991-2021). Honorary professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa) (2013 to date), Foundation Fellow of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), twice visiting professor: at CSIRO in Australia and Pietermaritzburg (South Africa). Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor at Princeton University (USA) (2012-2013). Specialised in Ecology of savannas and alpine ecology. Participated in dozens of nature conservation projects in Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia. Supervised more than 80 PhD students. A.o. Officer in the Order of the Golden Ark en recipient of the Aldo Leopold Award.

Jasper Griffioen
Hydrogeology PhD (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Professor of Water Quality Management at Utrecht University (2011 to date) and expert researcher at TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands (1991 to date). Specialised in environmental hydrology and geochemistry within the framework of sustainable management of soil and water resources. He performed studies for a wide variety of geographical settings and a broad range of environmental management issues, ranging from an acid crater lake in Indonesia to disposal of radioactive waste in the deep subsurface of the Netherlands. Many of his projects refer to the risks and impact of anthropogenic measures on groundwater and subsequent effects on drinking water and groundwater-dependent ecosystems. Preferably, he combines field campaigns with modelling studies. He contributed chapters to several text books among which “UNESCO Groundwater Studies” and “Sustainable Groundwater Resources in Africa” in addition to his peer-reviewed publications. As member of the former ministerial Dutch Technical Committee on Soil, he was involved in c. 100 ministerial advices during October 2007 – March 2016; he has been an expert in several cases for Dutch Courts of Justice, too.

Hans de Iongh
Associate professor at Leiden University since 1990; guest professor at Antwerp University since 2009. Member of the African Lion Working Group, member of the IUCN Cat specialist group, the Sirenia specialist group and the Canine specialist group and of the Steering Committee of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. Former Chair of the Netherlands Committee for IUCN (1990-2000), Co-Chair 2000-2003, Regional Councillor for West Europe (2008-2012). Member of the Netherlands CITES Commission, Chair of the Van Tienhoven Foundation and member of an Advisory Group to the Dutch Ministry. Active in the development of an action plan for lions in W and C Africa and involved in the harmonization of regional Red Lists. Initiated several National Conservation Strategies for threatened species and Red Listing in Europe.